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Raising children with presence and connection is heroic work.

Are you ready?

Every parent deserves a coach who believes in them. We all do better when we have someone rooting for us. 

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Accountability Group for Peaceful Parents Happy Kids Online Course by Dr. Laura Markham
Spring 2024 Cohort

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My name is Clara Roulev (She/Her)

I am a fellow mom, a military spouse, a yoga teacher, and a Trauma-Informed Certified Peaceful Parenting and Mind-Body Coach, and Playful Parenting Leader. I received additional training in Positive Neuroplasticity, advanced Vagal Toning and Interpersonal Neurobiology, in order to understand my biology, to heal my inner wounds, to trust my goodness and authenticity, to train myself to feel safe enough and to be grateful even in challenging moments, and to raise children who don't need to recover from their childhoods. I believe in the power of meditation, mindfulness and self-compassion to rewire our brain for more peace, joy and love, and to enable us to live life more intentionally, more embodied. In my past life, I worked as a federal employee and I received a Masters Degree in Human Resources Management.

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Transform Your Relationship

Fostering meaningful connections with our children can be challenging at times, and I believe that these moments of rupture have the potential to generate even more love and a deeper connection. I offer a relationship-based approach to parenting that, through the lens of somatic coaching, values compassion and taking responsibility for our ufounskillful choices, and creates authentic connections with our children.


Let us help you cultivate the strategies and tools needed to create a warm, loving environment that your whole family can enjoy, in which your children feel valued and like they belong as they are, and where you delight in being a parent again.

believe that you have the wisdom inside not just to survive, but to truly thrive, and to transform your relationship with your child!


Support That Makes a Difference


In our coaching session we walk the winding path together toward your parenting goal, and toward creating more peace and harmony in your relationship with yourself, your kiddos and in your home.

  You've got this!


Accountability and Support Circle

Dr. Laura Markham's

Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids

Online Course

Honest Motherhood Circle

Mothering is hard, because IT IS, not because we are doing it wrong. Join us for honest sharing  about parenting in a space for gathering, understanding, encouragement and connection with other great mamas.   Feel less alone!

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When you talk to Clara, she holds your heart in her hands.
You feel seen and understood and loved in a way that's hard to put into words. When you speak to her, Clara REALLY listens and extends compassion in a way that helps you to listen to yourself and to love yourself so the healing can begin.

Leslie, mother of 4

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