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Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids
Online Course Accountability Circle

Come join me in a weekly ZOOM accountability discussion about the topics in DR. Laura Markham's

12-week parenting course, to have your questions answered, your concerns heard, and to be encouraged by other fellow parents going through the training with you. We are never alone in our struggles and joys, and sharing them with other compassionate souls, who relate to us profoundly, is deeply nourishing and healing. 

The Spring "24 cohort starts on  April 25th, and registration is now open until Friday, April 19 . You can sign up for Dr. Laura Markham's Peaceful Parent Happy Kids Online Course here.

When: Wednesdays at 9:00AM Central European Time or CEST (GMT+1); the first session is on

May 1st.

What: We will meet weekly for an hour to address your questions, set goals, fine-tune the tools and strategies you are learning, provide encouragement and common humanity so you can get the most out of the course and feel empowered to be the change you want to see in your home.


Max participants: 4 Families 

Investment: $150 for 12 sessions  when paid in full. $15 for weekly drop ins


You are welcome to drop in or pay in full. (Please let me know if this is making it hard for you to join).

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One client is vulnerably and candidly sharing her experience and inspiring transformation ...

These three months with your Accountability Group were simply magical. Your warmth, unconditional understanding, your ability to really hold space for us made it possible to trust you. I have felt as if you are taking me by hand and guiding me through rough patches, safe in the knowledge that I am not alone on the road.


This, for me, being used to doing it all on my own, not daring to show my biggest weaknesses to other people, hiding them in fear of being abbandoned, was just transformative. I have actually for the first time in my life felt completely safe and accepted for who I am, mistakes and all, and being able to share my weakest moments as a person and not feeling judged, but understood and held in compassion, released something in my body and with tears came relief and self-acceptance.


You have navigated us beautifully through the content of the course and through the ups and downs of everyday life, and those prompts, our “homework to be done by next session” all offered resolutions to problems I’ve had for years and could not break through them — by the end of our time not only did I not yell at my kids in forever, I was also for the first time in my life able to extend the compassion and validation to my husband when he was having a rough time interacting with our kids.


Do you know that because of that session we had on mastery and my realization that I am prone to seeing the problem, seeing the solution and implementing the solution, without giving my kids any say in the process, and than changing that to include them, my daughter and my son are now negotiating for win-win solutions _. even without my presence?


(...) the most valuable aspect of the parenting circle were the initial grounding in presence exercises that really set the mood for the whole session and your simply incredible warm heart and accepting presence that has melted what feel like the last barriers to me. This was my “putting it all together” week, stretched through three months. :)

The group’s positive impact was in the fact it made me reflect on what I was doing, what was working and what wasn’t, and from this safe distance, surrounded by witnesses in a non-judgemental place, I could share my fails, shed light on them and watch them as they melted away. I have had so many breaktroughs during our time together, it is incredible. 


I have already recommended your group and would reccomend it with my whole heart to anybody who wants to reflect and grow in a warm presence of love and understanding. 

Maja, mother of 2

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