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Dear One,

It's never too late to decide to change the emotional tone in your home!
It's never too late to strengthen your relationship with your child!
It's never too late to learn to be compassionate toward yourse

Could you release the self-blame, my friend?

We all do the best we can with the skills, resources and understanding we have in each unique moment, just like our children. Parenting doesn't come with a manual, and we all navigate through its complexities in our own ways. Mistakes and missteps are a natural part of the process, and they don't define your worth as a parent. What truly matters is the enduring love and dedication you provide to your child.

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It's OK!
All of us, included, have been there before at one point or another. It's so hard and so scary, and it may feel lonely and hopeless at times... and you can really turn things around in your home!  
I want this for you and your family...and I know it's possible! 
There is HOPE: would you be willing to give presence, connection and firm empathic limits a try? 
Let's talk about it!

What kind of relationship do you want with your child?
How do you want your child to feel around you?

Research in child development says that, when considering the kind of relationship we want with our children, it's essential to envision a connection that is built on mutual respect, empathy, unconditional positive regard, and effective communication.


Imagine a relationship where you and your child engage in open, honest conversations, fostering a sense of trust and emotional safety. Think about being a source of support and guidance, and creating an environment where your child feels secure in expressing their thoughts and feelings.


Imagine an atmosphere of warmth and acceptance. Picture your child feeling comfortable and valued, knowing that they can approach you with both their triumphs and challenges. Aim for a bond that is based on mutual respect and a shared journey of growth. These aspirations can set a positive foundation for your parent-child relationship.

Curious to learn more?  Let's connect!


Supporting Your Journey to Lasting Change


In our coaching session we walk the winding path together toward your parenting goal, and toward creating more peace and harmony in your relationship with yourself, your kiddos and in your home.

You've got this!


Accountability and Support Group:

Dr. Laura Markham's

"Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids" Online Course

Honest Motherhood Circle

Mothering is hard, because IT IS, not because we are doing it wrong. Join us for honest sharing  about parenting in a space for gathering, understanding, encouragement and connection with other great mamas.  Feel less alone!

 As children develop, their brains "mirror" their parent's brain. In other words, the parent's own growths and development,

or lack of those, impact the child's brain.
As parents become more awar
e and emotionally healthy, their children reap the rewards and move toward health as well.

Daniel J. Siegel

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